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Do you thrive when you have an action plan, but stall out when you’re unsure of what that next step is? You’re in the right place!I’m here to help you get unstuck with your website. Let’s fix your site’s pain points, and get setup on a long-term track for continued success.

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Wendy LitteralFounder and Lead Web Designer
Hello! My name is Wendy Litteral, and I am the founder and lead website designer for CreationDepot. I have been designing sites since 1998 and started CreationDepot shortly after being let go (wasn’t everybody?!) in the crash of 2008. Since then the company has grown alongside some pretty amazing clients we are proud to call friends too. Recently, in 2017, my family and I moved down here to Fredericksburg from Northern Virginia, and officially moved CreationDepot later that year here to Stafford County. We have a great (mostly virtual) team, and are excited to be here and serve the Fredericksburg community. This has been an exciting place to call home and we are looking forward to many more years here as we raise our family. And we are looking forward to meeting you!
Wendy Litteral, Founder and Lead Website Designer

Client Love

“Our Meet Us page got a facelift! Rollover each person’s photo and see a different side to Red Team. Big thanks to Wendy at CreationDepot! Awesome job.”
Red Team Consulting

Wendy [Litteral] at CreationDepot is the place to go.  Wendy updated our website, created print and digital ads, and provides business cards and stationary for my company.  if you are looking for quality customer service with a personal touch, contact Wendy [Litteral] at CreationDepot. 

Sue Seboda, Congressional Motors

CreationDepot did a complete redesign of our ‘Free Speech Week’ website and the result is outstanding – much more appealing, easier to navigate, and incorporating the latest features. We are extremely pleased! CreationDepot also continues to manage our Media Institute website, and we can always count on Wendy and her team for fast and accurate updates. CreationDepot has been our answer for innovative design and dependable service.

Rick Kaplar, The Media Institute

When we needed a new website for our business, CreationDepot responded quickly and built a highly professional site that clearly explained the nature of our business and our capabilities along with several methods of contacting us. CreationDepot representatives were courteous, easy to work with, and knowledgeable of the latest technology and how it could be used for our benefit. We recommend them without hesitation.

Bill Bennett, Alvarado & Bennett

As Publisher of ‘The Eerie Digest & The Arts and Entertainment Magazine,’ I’ve worked with Wendy and CreationDepot since its inauguration in 2009. Together we have released sixty-five monthly issues in our successful long running relationship. The magazine has reached out to people, and colleges, worldwide, and CreationDepot has been there every step of the way. Our publication has had many changes and enhancements over the years, and we could have never been a success without Wendy’s, and CreationDepot’s, guidance. The 1.2 million readers that we have had are living proof of this. Many thanks Wendy… and CreationDepot.

Thank you Wendy for what you did for us. You are awesome!
I wish I would have found you a couple years ago.
Thank you so much … You are the BEST

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