CDP #001: How to Make Buttons Better on Your Website

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One of my favorite topics is addressing how users interact with a webpage because there is so my psychology behind it as well as artistic input. This episode deals with buttons specifically, and how to craft the ones on your site so they are appealing the best to your visitors, helping with conversions, and standing out on a busy page. If you’re looking for some direction on how to handle buttons on a landing page, or a general overview, this broadcast is for you. […]

Using Hootsuite for Facebook when you need to post multiple images in one post

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So, how do you fix the problem of multiple posts when you’re using Hootsuite to post a single post with multiple images? The short answer is, you can’t. It seems the Facebook API (the gadget that let’s developers/3rd party businesses connect to Facebook) doesn’t currently allow for outside sources to submit multiple images in one post – at least according to Hootsuite. And boy are people calling for that capability. Their solution is to make multiple posts using the same text – one for each image. It’s fine that they want to handle it this way given there is no alternative, but a simple heads up error notice would have been preferable to finding out later in the day. Currently the system sets you up to spam your audience. […]

CDP #000: Introduction to Our New Podcast

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Welcome to the introduction of the CreationDepot Podcast! My name is Wendy Litteral and I’m here to give you a quick overview of what to expect in upcoming episodes. CreationDepot is a web and graphic design company by trade, but we’re largely focused on where we came from – the design, development and production community. We look at both digital and print design, and really try to convey what good design is and how to pass that experience onto your customers. […]

How to reopen a window in Windows 10 when you’ve over minimized it… and pushed it off the screen…

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In Windows 10 there a ton of ways to maximize a window. Drag it to the top and “snap” it to the top border of your screen, click the maximize button, or double click the title bar of your window. But what do you do if you don’t have that option? In my case, SOMEHOW I had managed to over-minimize Adobe Dreamweaver AND push it off my right screen. The trouble is, Dreamweaver puts so many things in that top bar that when it’s minimized like this dragging it to the top screen isn’t an option – it just won’t work. I can’t grab that top bar. So how do I get my program back?! Come on Adobe I got work to do! […]