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About Us Text Examples are all over the Internet (thank you Google), but few go into why it’s a good design beyond just the copy. Here’s the thing about copy, it’s only good if someone reads it. Likewise, a professional design only creates a successful About Us page, if it showcases good content.

In this video I discuss 3 websites that are handling their about me pages correctly. And just for kicks, I threw in one very prominent website that, well, isn’t. Today, you’ll learn why it’s important that your About Us page be laid out like a landing page. Also we’ll talk about why items like the Backstory, Charity focuses, etc, need to be linked out to their own pages.


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Website’s Up for Review: Good vs. Bad

The first three are:

  1. Change.org
  2. Yellow Leaf Hammocks
  3. Blue Apron (Team Oriented)

And the big no-no site?

  1. CNN’s About Page

I swear I looked at ALL the major news sites, so no political leanings here one way or the other (almost none of the others had one at all!), but guys this is a big, big player in the online news world and their About page is so awful. It’s like they plopped all the content on here and then just never went back and finished designing it. It could be SO much better. I talk in the video about how they could make it a much better user experience for their site visitors just with some simple layout changes.

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If you want to know how to write an about me page for a website, a blog, or an e commerce site, keep tuned into this series on how to create an about me page. We’ve got 3 more videos coming in this series so be sure to favorite the playlist or just subscribe and “ring the bell.” If you’re interested in the free About Me Page Template I mentioned, see the sign up box below or click here!

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See the next video in this 4 part series – About Us Page Generator.

And as always thank you so much and take care!

– Wendy

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