Privacy Policies are important, even though they are generally pretty boring. They legally protect your derriere, but also provide a sense of ease to those who actually read them. They know exactly what they are getting with your site. Same goes with “Terms of Service” – our next blog post.

We’re updating ours so we thought it was a good time to post some good resources if you are trying to do the same. The BBB, Better Business Bureau (an old client of ours! – East Coast chapter), actually put out a template we use ourselves. Templates are great because they cover the legal bases while keeping you from going nuts. Of course you DO have to put in your customizations mad-lib style, but also read it through once or twice to make sure it actually does say you do what you really do. They even have some “optional” add-ons for things like cookies, shopping carts, etc. It’s all copy/paste, and is a really good template for a place to start.

Just remember, this is your business, so even though the template is handy, be thorough and make sure it’s not making any promises you aren’t intending to keep. AND that it doesn’t leave out something important that’s not so standard.

Take care!