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How do I Figure Out Which Videos Bring the Most Subscribers?

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Trying to figure out how to tell which YouTube videos generate the most subscribers on your channel? The answer is pretty simple actually, but there are still some things to keep in mind. To get more subscribers on YouTube you have to have some videos up already so you can learn from the analytics. You have to have content you can look to to figure out your next move. For example, in this video I show you how two videos I made recently that were more tech oriented absolutely skyrocketed my subscriber and views. So [...]

How to Setup Automated Responses on Facebook Messenger

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Are you looking for How to Setup Automated Responses on Facebook Messenger? This video is a great place to start as I will walk you through the different types of automated messages you can setup for your Facebook page's messenger bot. The Facebook messenger bot is great for Facebook marketing because it allows ways for a user to get instant information, and buys you time to respond to your customer with a more customized response. The Custom Facebook auto replies allow you to personalize the messages with short codes for first name, last name, email, [...]

How Do I Become a Website Designer in 2019

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Click here to get the Itemized List of What to Learn When Are you trying to find out what it takes to become a website designer in 2019? You’ve come to the right place. This video covers the 5 major areas you need in order to get started and build on becoming a website designer in 2019. The 5 major areas you need to know to become a web designer in 2019 are as follows: Learn what the website trends are (be up to date on what the industry is doing) Learn CSS3 and HTML5 Don’t Be a [...]

What is HTTP?

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What does HTTP stand for, and why does it matter? http is short for "hypertext transfer protocol" - or the way your browser gets information. And it matters because it's how you get your information. It's the format that was created to get your information from that news site to your device - mobile phone to desktop computer and everything in between. Getting slightly more technical, the protocol (or set of rules) sets up the structure around which data is transferred from a server, like Amazon (affiliate link), over to your computer/device's browser. Just like you drive a certain car to [...]

How to Generate an SSH Key on Windows

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Remember if this video helps you out, help me appease the YouTube gods and hit Like! This video on how to create an ssh key on a windows PC walks you through how to use the Putty/PuttyGen utility to generate both a public and private key. An SSH key is a random and personalized key used to identify your computer to another piece of software, online interface (like GitHub), or even another machine. To generate an SSH key on windows, you will need a utility like Putty (located at putty.org) to create a SSH key on windows, and [...]

Weekly Web Designer Goals VLOG: Week of February 3rd, 2019

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DITL | Day in the Life of a Web Designer Mom VLOG | Feb. 3rd, 2019 Links: Wendy Litteral's CreationDepot YouTube Channel YouTube Process Goals for the Week of Feb. 3rd Accountability VLOG That's it! It's vacation week!! I appreciate you being here! Hit like and/or subscribe to help make the YouTube gods happy, and I’ll see you all next time! Take care! Wendy Website: https://www.creationdepot.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/creationdepot Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/creationdepot Learn How to Create Your Own Self-Hosted WordPress Website with my course: http://www.building-wp.com