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Set Deadlines | Managing Client/Boss Expectations

Got to set expectations before you can set deadlines - Wendy How to Set Deadlines | Managing Client/Boss Expectations 1. Before you can set deadlines you have got to set expectations. As a seasoned website designer I [...]

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Website Updates and Maintenance Costs | What You Can Expect

Because more than likely something became outdated. Yay! Website Updates and Maintenance Costs | What to Expect Website updates and maintenance services can run the gamut from monthly costs that include updating your site software or updating [...]

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Small Business Web Design Mistakes | Top 5 Mistakes on Self-Made Websites

Example of a Cluttered Website Here are my Top 5 Small Business Web Design Mistakes My main customers are mom and pop shops, and the small businesses web design mistakes they make are all super common. Usually [...]

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How do I Figure Out Which Videos Bring the Most Subscribers?

Trying to figure out how to tell which YouTube videos generate the most subscribers on your channel? The answer is pretty simple actually, but there are still some things to keep in mind. To get more subscribers on YouTube [...]

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What is HTTP?

What does HTTP stand for, and why does it matter? http is short for "hypertext transfer protocol" - or the way your browser gets information. And it matters because it's how you get your information. It's the format that was created to get your [...]

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