Best Mouse for Graphic Designers

Trying to discover the best mouse for web and graphic design in 2020? Trying to find a mix of ergonomic comfort and ease of use – and maybe ain’t too shabby with gaming too? Then I would highly recommend having a look at the Razer Deathadder Mouse.

Why Do I Recommend the Deathadder Mouse

So I have been a web designer, and a graphic designer, for well over 20 years (1998), and I have been through my fair share of crappy mouses. Then finally one day I found the perfect mouse almost on accident. I had been playing my favorite game of all time – Starcraft II – and for the millionth time I had lost because of the lag between when I clicked and when the game realized I had clicked. And not me, my husband, had had it. I guess I yelled at the computer one too many times.

Affiliate Amazon link for new model:

My older (cheaper) model – only available in white on Amazon, but it actually looks pretty sleek!

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