15 06, 2018

How to Delete One Website from Your Google Search History Without Having to Delete Your Browser Cache

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Thought I'd share something that was driving me nuts! I am a constant user of Google Calendar, and I went to visit the website Calendars That Work one time, and because they both begin with "Cal" I was forever doomed to the autofill on Google's Quick Search (where it prefills in the text) to defaulting to CalendarsThatWork.com. It. was. driving. me. nuts. So! I found the solution. Hit up Google Chrome's 3 vertical dots on the right, click on History, then History again. It'll pop open a tab. From that tab find the offending website. Click that website's three dots on the right and click "Remove from History." It's a glorious thing. :D No more getting the wrong site when I quick type in "Cal" into the URL line. I also made a video below! Check us out over at YouTube for more web work hacks. Take care! Wendy

6 06, 2018

How to do an autoresponder without having to buy a service like MailChimp or Constant Contact

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Check out the video below for a step-by-step how to create an autoresponder without having to pay someone for it. Or if you're coming here from YouTube, scroll down further to get the free autoresponder code. Thanks and take care! Want the Sample Autoresponder code? Fill out the form below and it will be mailed to you ASAP! Have a good one! Wendy

31 05, 2018

What does it mean to set permissions recursively?

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So what does it mean to set permissions recursively? The short answer is whatever permissions you’re setting on the directory (folder) you’re working on, if you checked the box asking to set the permissions recursively, you are saying that you want to set those same permissions to EVERYTHING inside that folder. […]

15 05, 2018

Fix My Website in Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Did your site get hacked? Did someone mess up? Or do you just need to update the darn thing? When you just want someone to “PLEASE, fix my website!” here in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we are your go-to company. And here’s why – we have nearly 20 years of experience! Over that huge span of time we have definitely seen our share of bizarre web problems and are happy to help you unravel the mess, or just update your About page to remove the former team members you haven’t seen in 2-3 years. […]

2 05, 2018

What is SEO and SEM? Complete with Fredericksburg Specific Examples!

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So the quick answer: SEO: Search Engine Optimization SEM: Search Engine Marketing The difference between the two is SEO refers to optimizing a page or a website, whereas SEM refers to setting up a marketing campaign around the optimized page utlizing search engine ranks (i.e. other websites pointing to your content) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) online advertising. How it Works Let’s say I’m opening an ice cream parlor and I am in direct competition with Carl’s Ice Cream in downtown Fredericksburg. Carl’s is super established – they’ve been around since 1947! So how are you going to compete with a company that old with such a devoted following? You try to rank for the search term “ice cream in Fredericksburg, VA,” and probably similar long tail (phrase-style) keywords. […]

14 04, 2018

New Web Design Company in Fredericksburg, VA

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It’s so hard to believe that we are celebrating our 1-year anniversary here in Fredericksburg, Virginia! Our family moved down to Fredericksburg after a year-long search trying to get the heck out of Northern Virginia. I grew up in Fairfax County, but the traffic, high prices, and general mentality can be a bit overwhelming. My husband and I were looking for a slower pace, and a family-friendly community to raise our two girls in – and boy did we ever find it in Fredericksburg. It has been absolutely wonderful living here. Fredericksburg has given us an amazing home, a fantastic community to be a part of, and is proving to be a great location for my web design and marketing business, CreationDepot. […]

22 01, 2018

How to Prepare for a Small Business Website Redesign

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So you’ve been saddled with trying to get your company’s website redesigned. Can be a bit overwhelming, right? How do you know what you’re supposed to know without having to become an expert yourself? How can you be sure you’re not going to be taken advantage of? What features are crucial and which ones are nice-to-haves? Okay, take a deep breath. There is a lot to cover, but it’s really no where near as bad as it could be. […]

2 11, 2017

How to Create, Update or Change My WordPress Site’s Menu

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How to Create WordPress Menus To access the WordPress menu so you can either create a new menu or make changes to an existing menu, go to your WordPress Admin area, scroll down the left hand menu until you come to Appearance. Hover over the menu and then click on Menus from the pop out. Alternatively, if you're logged into WordPress and over on the live site, you can go and hover over your site name in the black Admin bar at the top, then drop down to Menus from there.   When you first access the Menus page, it will look something like this: To start, you'll want to give your menu structure a name. Typically I tend to name them with where I want them to be displayed just for easy reference. For example, I named this one "Top Navigation" because I'm working on the menu that I want to appear across the top of my site. Note however that simply naming it this will not make it appear where I want it to - I have to assign this menu to that location. To do that, I have to check the "Top Menu" box you see below. [...]

18 06, 2017

Moving Your WordPress Site to a New Directory and All Your Images and Inline Links are Broken?

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Oh this is a fun one because we struggled with this issue for ages. What we’re talking about is when you have your WordPress directory in say www.domain.com/dev and you are moving it via FTP to just www.domain.com/ – the root or main folder of your website. When you transfer all the files and follow the WordPress guidelines for moving your site, the database will still have many images and in line links (any links you setup within the posts or pages editors) that still point to www.domain.com/dev in its database. Even though you changed it on the “General Settings” tab in your dashboard. So how do I fix it? The high level way to repair this issue is to jump into phpMyAdmin and run queries on your database to make your adjustments; backing up your database first of course. But if you’re not a developer, this is simply just not an option. So what do you do? […]