How do I Figure Out Which Videos Bring the Most Subscribers?

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Trying to figure out how to tell which YouTube videos generate the most subscribers on your channel? The answer is pretty simple actually, but there are still some things to keep in mind. To get more subscribers on YouTube you have to have some videos up already so you can learn from the analytics. You have to have content you can look to to figure out your next move. For example, in this video I show you how two videos I made recently that were more tech oriented absolutely skyrocketed my subscriber and views. So [...]

How to Setup Automated Responses on Facebook Messenger

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Are you looking for How to Setup Automated Responses on Facebook Messenger? This video is a great place to start as I will walk you through the different types of automated messages you can setup for your Facebook page's messenger bot. The Facebook messenger bot is great for Facebook marketing because it allows ways for a user to get instant information, and buys you time to respond to your customer with a more customized response. The Custom Facebook auto replies allow you to personalize the messages with short codes for first name, last name, email, [...]

How Do I Become a Website Designer in 2019

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Click here to get the Itemized List of What to Learn When Are you trying to find out what it takes to become a website designer in 2019? You’ve come to the right place. This video covers the 5 major areas you need in order to get started and build on becoming a website designer in 2019. The 5 major areas you need to know to become a web designer in 2019 are as follows: Learn what the website trends are (be up to date on what the industry is doing) Learn CSS3 and HTML5 Don’t Be a [...]

Free Fredericksburg Stock Photography

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Interested in Free Fredericksburg Stock Photography? Simply fill out the form to the right to sign up for our email list, and the Dropbox link will be emailed to you immediately! Be sure to keep it bookmarked as we're adding photos all the time! Take care! Wendy Free Stock Photography of Fredericksburg Virginia Are you looking to score some free photography of Fredericksburg, VA to use in your marketing? Look no further! I'm announcing a new marketing campaign today where in exchange for providing free stock photography of Fredericksburg, VA [...]

Why Don’t We List Our Website Design Prices on Our Website?

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So! You may be browsing our site (or many other web design agencies) and wondering why we list services, but not prices. Are we THAT expensive?! No, no we are not. We are very competitive for a professionally designed customized website in Virginia's DC Metro area. So, why no prices? The reason we don't list our prices is because in our world offering a base price can become very misleading for the customer - and that's dangerous. For example, if I were to offer you a custom website for $750 with a 2-day turnaround, you could probably expect a [...]

Celebrating Our First Web Design Customer in Fredericksburg

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Just a quick post to celebrate that we have landed our very first website customer here in local Fredericksburg, VA. We have been around since 2008, but in the DC Metro area, and this is our first customer actually located in Fredericksburg, and it's a wonderful thing. It's a lovely search engine marketing (SEM) story of optimizing our own site for "sem fredericksburg," and slowly watching that long-tail keyword metric drift from page 3, to page 2, and finally to the holy grail Page 1 of Google. We're holding our heads high at #2!! And more keywords are only going [...]

How I Registered My Web Design and Marketing Business with Stafford County/Fredericksburg VA

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Registering my web design business with Stafford County was at once more complicated than I would have thought, and easier than I would have thought. This is my experience of what I had to do to register/license (though they don’t do licenses) with the county for my Fredericksburg-based business. What I Had to Do First things first – I had to do all of it in person. I know! I was all over Stafford’s website, on the phone, and even had some email back and forth with their very lovely representatives (I mean that sincerely! They were extremely kind and [...]

Marketing Company in Fredericksburg

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Finding a Marketing Company in Fredericksburg, VA doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, marketing with a localized focus is actually a much easier process because you already have the following going for you: Obvious localized keywords A smaller niche market of very specific people You can employ ultra specific marketing techniques due to the specific targeting Lower advertising costs – because the target market is smaller, there’s less advertising wasted on people who aren’t your true target audience […]

How to Delete One Website from Your Google Search History Without Having to Delete Your Browser Cache

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Thought I'd share something that was driving me nuts! I am a constant user of Google Calendar, and I went to visit the website Calendars That Work one time, and because they both begin with "Cal" I was forever doomed to the autofill on Google's Quick Search (where it prefills in the text) to defaulting to It. was. driving. me. nuts. So! I found the solution. Hit up Google Chrome's 3 vertical dots on the right, click on History, then History again. It'll pop open a tab. From that tab find the offending website. Click that website's three [...]

Fix My Website in Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Did your site get hacked? Did someone mess up? Or do you just need to update the darn thing? When you just want someone to “PLEASE, fix my website!” here in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we are your go-to company. And here’s why – we have nearly 20 years of experience! Over that huge span of time we have definitely seen our share of bizarre web problems and are happy to help you unravel the mess, or just update your About page to remove the former team members you haven’t seen in 2-3 years. […]