How to Remove Blue Highlighted Text in InDesign

 So why is your InDesign text randomly highlighted in blue?What is the blue background color behind text in InDesign? Is your Adobe InDesign suddenly showing teal highlight behind your text?It's because of a helpful tool, that I have never heard of before, called [...]

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Adding a Privacy Policy to My Website

Privacy Policies are important, even though they are generally pretty boring. They legally protect your derriere, but also provide a sense of ease to those who actually read them. They know exactly what they are getting with your site. Same goes with "Terms of [...]

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How Consistency in Branding Makes You Money

How does consistency make you money as a website designer? What about as a small business who has hired a website designer? It comes down to recognizing what consistency does for you. How it builds your brand, how it establishes your business, [...]

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Why are website designers so expensive? It’s not just the level of experience.

Why are website designers so expensive? Why do web design agencies charge so much? It boils down to the sheer number of skills required, the training, and the vast experience necessary to orchestrate a site from start to finish in a clean and productive [...]

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What does a Web Designer do on a Web Team? They don’t just build sites.

What is a Web Designer? What does a web designer do exactly? A web designer is someone that has many hats throughout the whole website development process. They begin by taking the notes that they (or the sales person) has collected from the discovery [...]

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What Exactly Does a UX Designer Do on a Web Team? Why are they so critical?

Ah the UX Designer, the right hand of the website designer. They keep us in check for sure, but also ensure a fantastic experience for the site’s visitors. A UX designer, or user experience designer, is there specifically to make sure the end user [...]

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What does Quality Assurance (QA) do on a Web Design Team?

QA, or the quality assurance team, is like the saving grace of the entire web team. Their role is vital, because what they do is review what the customer sends, and also what the rest of the web team produces to ensure an awesome [...]

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What does a SEO Copywriter do? How do they work with a web design team?

What does an SEO Copywriter, a website copywriter, do? Magic – that’s what! Seriously, they have it rough and are completely worth the money. It doesn’t matter how well a site is designed, or how great the coding is, if it can’t be found [...]

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How to Clean Up Your Computer So It Runs Faster and Provides a Better Workflow

Computers can slow down over time, and the best thing to do as designers (or general users) is to keep the darn things in good shape. This means cleaning up your digital work area just as you would your desk. This video talks about [...]

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How to Delete One Website from Your Google Search History Without Having to Delete Your Browser Cache

Thought I'd share something that was driving me nuts! I am a constant user of Google Calendar, and I went to visit the website Calendars That Work one time, and because they both begin with "Cal" I was forever doomed to the autofill [...]

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