What is HTTP?

What does HTTP stand for, and why does it matter? http is short for "hypertext transfer protocol" - or the way your browser gets information. And it matters because it's how you get your information. It's the format that was created to get your [...]

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Free Fredericksburg Stock Photography

Interested in Free Fredericksburg Stock Photography? Simply fill out the form to the right to sign up for our email list, and the Dropbox link will be emailed to you immediately! Be sure to keep it bookmarked as we're [...]

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How to Remove Blue Highlighted Text in InDesign

 So why is your InDesign text randomly highlighted in blue?What is the blue background color behind text in InDesign? Is your Adobe InDesign suddenly showing teal highlight behind your text?It's because of a helpful tool, that I have never heard of before, called [...]

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Adding a Privacy Policy to My Website

Privacy Policies are important, even though they are generally pretty boring. They legally protect your derriere, but also provide a sense of ease to those who actually read them. They know exactly what they are getting with your site. Same goes with "Terms of [...]

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How Consistency in Branding Makes You Money

How does consistency make you money as a website designer? What about as a small business who has hired a website designer? It comes down to recognizing what consistency does for you. How it builds your brand, how it establishes your business, [...]

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Why are website designers so expensive? It’s not just the level of experience.

Why are website designers so expensive? Why do web design agencies charge so much? It boils down to the sheer number of skills required, the training, and the vast experience necessary to orchestrate a site from start to finish in a clean and productive [...]

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