How to Clean Up Your Computer So It Runs Faster and Provides a Better Workflow

Computers can slow down over time, and the best thing to do as designers (or general users) is to keep the darn things in good shape. This means cleaning up your digital work area just as you would your desk. This video talks about [...]

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Fix My Website in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Did your site get hacked? Did someone mess up? Or do you just need to update the darn thing? When you just want someone to “PLEASE, fix my website!” here in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we are your go-to company. And here’s why – we have nearly 20 [...]

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How to Create, Update or Change My WordPress Site’s Menu

How to Create WordPress Menus To access the WordPress menu so you can either create a new menu or make changes to an existing menu, go to your WordPress Admin area, scroll down the left hand menu until you come to Appearance. Hover over [...]

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Cannot upload images in WordPress – File is empty error

Holy cow. Want to talk about a difficult error to diagnose and correct! When you can upload teenie tiny images, but anything larger than even 30k throws an error in WordPress, you just about want to pull your hair out. The error we’re talking [...]

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