How to get specific ads to stop following you around the Internet

So this all came about because I had gone to order flowers for a client who was in the hospital. Half way thru we found out flowers weren’t accepted in the ICU so we decided to wait until he was moved to another room. [...]

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What is the difference between and And how to setup a free WordPress site.

The short answer: is where WordPress (the company) hosts WordPress sites (much like Wix or SquareSpace). is where you can download WordPress the open-source content management software to use on your site. The easy answer is .com is for beginners, and .org [...]

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CDP #001: How to Make Buttons Better on Your Website

One of my favorite topics is addressing how users interact with a webpage because there is so my psychology behind it as well as artistic input. This episode deals with buttons specifically, and how to craft the ones on your site so they are [...]

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Using Hootsuite for Facebook when you need to post multiple images in one post

So, how do you fix the problem of multiple posts when you’re using Hootsuite to post a single post with multiple images? The short answer is, you can’t. It seems the Facebook API (the gadget that let’s developers/3rd party businesses connect to Facebook) doesn’t [...]

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CDP #000: Introduction to Our New Podcast

Welcome to the introduction of the CreationDepot Podcast! My name is Wendy Litteral and I’m here to give you a quick overview of what to expect in upcoming episodes. CreationDepot is a web and graphic design company by trade, but we’re largely focused on [...]

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How to make stock photography even better

There’s this new thing (and by new-ish I really mean it’s years old) where photographers will greatly wash out their stock images, because the idea is that filter/look makes it look higher-end. Here’s the problem with that, while it does look “heavenly,” washed out [...]

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What does retina really mean? In layman’s terms, please.

According to, the term “retina” is actually something that came from Apple. It’s a marketing term that was used by Apple to bring a new technology to the general public – and retina does sound cool. Of course it’s named after the retina [...]

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