Welcome to the introduction of the CreationDepot Podcast!
My name is Wendy Litteral and I’m here to give you a quick overview of what to expect in upcoming episodes.
CreationDepot is a web and graphic design company by trade, but we’re largely focused on where we came from – the design, development and production community. We look at both digital and print design, and really try to convey what good design is and how to pass that experience onto your customers.

So in upcoming episodes we’re going to have a few guests on going over some amaaaazing topics like:

  • The ins and outs of logo design from a technical POV. What should you provide to the client, to an end-user, how to format your final artwork, and how to present it so you look awesome to your client.
  • In another episode we’ll go over what sales funnels are, AND we’ll go into how to build one. Along with what milestones to look for to see if you’re doing it right.
  • In another episode we’re going into how to use quizzes to build a customized experience so you can build your e-mail list. There’s a big market for providing a unique experience to users, and quizzes can be done in a way now that makes them not just a series of questions like a Facebook quiz, but something that users really want to be involved with. It’s pretty cool.
  • And last up, we’re going to do a throwback episode – and I’m particularly excited about this one. I’ve been designing since 1998 and things have seriously changed. When I started, Photoshop 2.0 was installed using floppy disks on Macintosh Performas, and now we’re cloud-based on software’s on everything from PCs to smart phones. We’ll talk about how styles have changed too, and give some tips on how to ease clients from an older look into something more modern.
So I’d like to really encourage you to sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter at creationdepot.com/subscribe because that’s where all the goodies are. The show notes, the downloadables and links are all going to be in that bi-weekly newsletter. We’ll put them on the blog too, but this way you’ll get a notice instead of having to remeber where everything is.
Alright I think that’s it for this intro. Please remember to subscribe through your podcast player for the next episodes and we’ll see you next time!
Have a good one. This is going to be fun.