Just a quick post to celebrate that we have landed our very first website customer here in local Fredericksburg, VA. We have been around since 2008, but in the DC Metro area, and this is our first customer actually located in Fredericksburg, and it’s a wonderful thing.

It’s a lovely search engine marketing (SEM) story of optimizing our own site for “sem fredericksburg,” and slowly watching that long-tail keyword metric drift from page 3, to page 2, and finally to the holy grail Page 1 of Google. We’re holding our heads high at #2!! And more keywords are only going to improve as we add more valuable and localized content to the site. We’re constantly improving the site and really appreciate the progress we’ve seen. SEO is a great game of matching wits against the Google machine, and pairing that with SEM (search engine marketing) we’re putting to work the methods we use for our clients for ourselves (finally!). No more cobbler’s children have no shoes syndrome!

So we just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to our new local Fredericksburg client – Uncle Tom’s Antiques, for allowing us to fix up your site’s interior code, updating your main page to show text updates for your upcoming sale (be sure to check out their sale launch on August 18th!), and we do greatly appreciate the referrals. While we did not design the site, we were happy to be apart of your next success by helping you update it. We wish you great success on the launch!

Take care!