What Is It?

DIY Website Warriors is the easiest way to ask a question and get a customized, VISUAL answer about your website with a recorded screen share or marked up screen shot.

We give you specific answers for your website problems, and post them into a platform you’re already using – a private Facebook Group.

The Process

  1. You ask a question in the group
  2. Tag an admin using the hashtag #diywwadmin
  3. Get a tailored answer to your problem within 1-business day (Mon-Fri)

It’s like having your own tech support team, but without the crazy high bill!

Right now we’re in BETA as we go through soft launch mode and work out all the kinks, but those who join during BETA stay at $27 forever!

We’re so happy to have you!

Sign Up Today for Only $27 During BETA!

Example Posts From the Group

WordPress Help Screen Shot
WordPress Website Review Example

What Comes After BETA?

We’ve earmarked the end of BETA for when we finish installing the core content into the Facebook Group Units section.

These units are designed as a starting point for folks who are still at the very beginning of their websites and need to know the next steps.

That core content will include:

4 Videos On Setting Up Your WordPress Website

Help Setting Up My WordPress Website

4 Videos On Key Design Strategies That Will Guide Your Users

Help Setting Up Your WordPress Website Design

4 Videos On Search Engine Optimization for WordPress

Help with SEO for my WordPress Website
Sign Up Today for Only $27 During BETA!


Yes, but they’re not guaranteed to be answered until the next business day.

If our solution doesn’t match your problem, then it’s probably a situation where we just need more information. Just reach out on the same question thread, and we’ll take it from there.

If we ultimately can’t provide an answer we will give you a $5 credit on your next bill.

We do offer bulk pricing after 10 users, but it’s billed a bit differently and you will need to contact us directly for a custom signup link.

Bulk Package Monthly Pricing
(Note: Prices below are post-BETA.)

1-10 users ($47): $470/mo
Up to 19 users ($40): $800/mo
Up to 60 users ($35): $1,400/mo
Up to 70 users ($30): $2,100/mo
Up to 100 users ($27): $2,700/mo

Over 100 users? Contact us.