Is figuring
out your


driving you

Get a professional
looking website
Buy your copy of the WordPress Installation Guide

The Truth

At some point there is going to be a technical learning curve.

What is a domain name?

How do I add a blog post?

What is SEO?

You have 2 choices:

01. Hire it out

(if your budget allows)

02. Struggle through it

(so you can finally grow your business)

But… What if we nix the struggle part?

Introducing Your WordPress Website Setup Guide!

  • Have your website setup and Google friendly
    in just one day
  • Have a beautiful website that’s beautiful on any device (desktop, tablet and mobile!)

Get Your Copy of the Guide Below – $37

WordPress Installation Guide
Buy your copy of the WordPress Installation Guide

What would having a WordPress website
do for your business?

Support Is Everywhere

WordPress websites make up 33% of ALL the websites in the WORLD. Which means there is a plethora of support out there.

(YouTube University and Google are your friends.)

With WordPress, you actually own your own files.

They’re yours. Not your content on some third party site… the files, just like a Word doc on your computer, belongs to you.

WordPress Grows With You

Your site might be a small blog now, but you can add ecommerce, Instagram feeds, and a ton of other widgets as your company grows.

WordPress is Fluid

Wake up one day and decide you hate your hosting company? No problem. Download a copy of your site, and upload the files to a new hosting company. Remember, you own the files, so it really is that easy.

WordPress is Extremely User Friendly

Adding a new blog post is as easy as 2 clicks, and the interface resembles Microsoft Word.

Add Advertising

Add Google AdSense advertising (or your own!) in the side panels of your blog posts in 10 minutes flat.

Google Already Loves WordPress

With WordPress as the platform of choice for a huge chunk of the internet, you can bet Google has taken notice. WordPress is designed to be very easy for Google to index and remember the site’s content.

Just imagine – a beautiful, user friendly, search friendly, mobile friendly website – that you built yourself.

That you can continue to grow and update all on your own.

Let’s Make It Happen!

What am I getting?

A PDF guide with tons of visuals that will walk you through step-by-step to setup your very own site:

  • domains
  • hosting
  • WordPress installation
  • Packaged themes
  • Recommended Plugins


A cheat sheet for what to do next that includes tips like:

  • how often to write blog posts
  • what to write blog posts for
  • how to generate traffic and promote your site
  • how to “catch” potential customers
  • a glossary of tech terms

Who is this for?

DIYers who are ready to build their own site and just need the “how” behind the “what.”

Who is this not for?

Anyone not ready to spend a small amount on site costs. Owning your own site, just like with renting space on a website builder site, comes with third party costs. Hosting can run $5/mo (usually paid annually – so $60/year), and domains around $15/year. These aren’t included with the ebook cost, and I encourage you to shop around for the best deals.

I do recommend Green Geeks for hosting and domains – they’ve been a consistent hosting provider that I have used for a decade or more.

WordPress Installation Guide
Buy your copy of the WordPress Installation Guide
WordPress Installation Guide
Buy your copy of the WordPress Installation Guide