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Free Stock Photography of Fredericksburg Virginia

Are you looking to score some free photography of Fredericksburg, VA to use in your marketing? Look no further! I’m announcing a new marketing campaign today where in exchange for providing free stock photography of Fredericksburg, VA and area businesses, I’m only looking for a shout out and a link back to my website so I can build up backlinks. I’m setting this up so it will live in a Dropbox folder that you all can bookmark, and I can just update as time goes by as I create and edit more photos. The overall goal is to create a nice little library that local businesses can pull from to use in their marketing, without having to pay for stock photography (which I know can get spendy!).

If you would like to see something in particular photographed – a particular street, building, historic site, etc, just let me know and I’ll make time! After all, this benefits me as much as it does you!

Until then take care and I’ll talk to you later!

– Wendy