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Update your website for just $32.25!

Are you tired of trying to update your website yourself?

Let me help! 

Yes, Wendy! Please update my site!
Website Designer - Wendy Litteral

What can I get done in an hour?

  • Update your About Us/Team images and text
  • Revise your Contact information
  • Remove, repair, or update WordPress plugins
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Create an Opt-in Page that links to your email system
    • (copy not included)
  • Add a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use page
  • Create a wireframe for a new design/page
  • Menu modifications
  • Modify graphics
  • Create a featured image(s)
  • Most basic text and image updates

What can’t I get done in an hour?

  • Massive site backups
  • Hacked website repair
  • Database errors
  • Website redesigns
  • Major technical updates

Note: I have the skills to do these, but I can’t guarantee them to be done within an hour. They’d be at the regular rate after your first hour.

But it’s only an hour…

I’ve been a website designer for 20 years (eeek! – 38 is right around the corner!), so I’ve pretty much seen everything. Text and image updates come so quickly to me that I can blow through most edits in record time.

What’s Included:

  • 1-hour of professional website updates (can include maintenance) at 75% off the regular rate
    • Normally $129/hr, on sale for $32.35
  • Recap report of what was completed
  • Accessible customer service (I won’t disappear on you!)
  • Reminders to use your 1-hour coupon before it expires (1-year from date of purchase)

I only allow a certain number of hours each month for this discounted offer, and I book up quickly so be sure to grab your spot now!

Yes, Wendy! Please update my site!


Don’t panic if you’re not ready to use the hour right this minute! 🙂

You are not going to book a specific time, just the allotment of time for work. You can use the coupon anytime within the next year. 

FYI: This does come with a 1-year expiration date, but don’t worry! I’ll remind you to use it (twice!) before you lose it!!

How does it work?

It works a bit like a coupon – you’ll buy the coupon for the discounted hour, and then use it when you’re ready to take advantage of it.

After purchasing you’ll receive an email detailing how to redeem the hour which involves booking the spot that week from my booking calendar, and a form to fill out detailing what needs to be done. I’ll call or email you if anything needs clarifying before I begin!

How long does it take?

Allow 1-week from the time you use the coupon. Yes it’s an hour of time, but allow for scheduling and juggling other requests in the work queue – or the rare instance of me taking time off! 😀 Often it’s much faster than a week, if not the same day.

Does it have to be a WordPress site?

Nope! I originally learned HTML, CSS, and PHP long before WordPress ever became popular. If you have a regularly coded site I can find my way around just fine!

Yes, Wendy! Please update my site!