How does consistency make you money as a website designer? What about as a small business who has hired a website designer?

It comes down to recognizing what consistency does for you. How it builds your brand, how it establishes your business, how you can use it as a tool, and how you can use it to save yourself time and money. You establish the rules for how your brand should appear, what fonts to use, what styles to use, what logos, colors, and layout types to use. Does your company utilize white space? What about curvy fonts vs a plain sans-serif font? Does your designer know about these choices?

Developing your brand using consistency is what makes a great product. It doesn’t matter if it’s a website design here in Fredericksburg or a street ad on a billboard in Northern Virginia. If you develop what’s called a style guide, a set of rules for your branding choices for your business (color palettes, fonts, spacing, etc.) you can then take that to your designer, or DIY it, and create something customers will recognize it.

And a style guide will not cement you into using a design until the end of time, what it does is establish a secure foundation upon which to build your business. For example, Pepsi evolved their logo over a hundred years, but the most recent changes from the iconic PESPI logo with the red, white, and blue waves to the more modern upward movement waves is a change. And while I don’t personally like the new logo (now several years old), I have to say if you’re going to change up your brand it is the right way to do it. Couple of points: 1) they stayed true to the red, white, and blue. The colors are technically different variants of red and blue, but used together they are recognizable. 2) they kept the shapes. The wave action and the circle with a white border. 3) They did drop their name “PESPI” from the logo, but in actual usage of the logo the icon is never printed far from the word. And that I’m okay with because it opens up the design usage of the icon. Everyone knows that icon is Pepsi, so it’s okay to not have it spelled out within the logo itself anymore. But that’s important – when they made that brand jump, they knew they could make that jump and it would still be recognizable. So that is definitely something to consider!

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