Trying to figure out how to tell which YouTube videos generate the most subscribers on your channel? The answer is pretty simple actually, but there are still some things to keep in mind.

To get more subscribers on YouTube you have to have some videos up already so you can learn from the analytics. You have to have content you can look to to figure out your next move.

For example, in this video I show you how two videos I made recently that were more tech oriented absolutely skyrocketed my subscriber and views. So of course I will be doing more of those videos now, HOWEVER, the most watched video did 1/4th the amount of subscribers that the next video in the line did. We’re talking small numbers, 1 and 4 subs, but that’s a 75% jump.

So next steps for me are to go back and watch both videos and see what did I do differently in the one that performed so much better for subs, and the one that did so much better for views. Then I have to figure out what either makes a happy medium, or which factor I want to pursue – subs or views. That can be a hard decision, but basically it comes down to a few things.

1) Are you monetized yet? As of right this minute in June of 2019, you need 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subs. Are you deficient in either of these numbers? For example if you’ve got the subs but not the views, make videos to up your watch time. Or if you’ve got the watch time (which is my case right now) but no the subs, I need to up my subscriber rate. I can do that by mentioning it more often in the video, promoting subscriptions on my website, in my social media, etc.

That’s it for now guys! Short and sweet. 🙂

Take care!