So why is your InDesign text randomly highlighted in blue?

What is the blue background color behind text in InDesign? Is your Adobe InDesign suddenly showing teal highlight behind your text?

It’s because of a helpful tool, that I have never heard of before, called a style override highlighter – meaning it shows you what text you’ve modified in your document that is different from the InDesign Basic Paragraph. It’s actually super helpful if you’re trying to clean up a document’s layout, but never having heard of it before, all I wanted to do was get rid of the teal highlighting in my InDesign file. I still don’t know how I triggered it on in the first place, but hey, I’ll take what I can get to turn this blue/teal highlighter off! But now that I know what the blue highlighting is for I will probably use it in my normal InDesign workflow to catch spaces where I have modified the line spacing or kerning throughout a document. Typically at the end of production where you may not need to have tightened a phrase or upped the vertical height on a paragraph just to make things look nice.

So even though there’s still a mystery – a misclick, or a weird keyboard combination – removing that seemingly random teal highlighter background was thankfully a piece of cake!

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