Hey it’s Wendy from CreationDepot and today I’m going to teach you how to add text to your videos in Camtasia 9.

How to Add Text in Camtasia

Adding text in Camtasia via the Annotations Icon

Adding text in Camtasia via the Annotations Icon

I’ve opened up a new project, totally blank, and Camtasia will dump you into the Media bin.

What you’re going to do is click on Annotations with the speech bubble icon.

The first tab that opens is called Callouts, and the default style sorting mechanism is called Basic. Go ahead and bump that to All. This has nothing to do adding text other than it lets you see all your options, and there’s not that many of them to start with, so sorting them is kind of pointless.

By default Camtasia gives you 4 basic shapes to use in order to add your text.

  • Speech Bubbles
  • Thought bubbles
  • Text Arrows
  • Rectangles

If you don’t want any shapes, and just want to add text, you’re going to be looking using their plain text options over here.

These last two are exactly the same, except one’s at 64 pts and one’s at 96 points. You can change either of these to be any size you want. They’re the exact same feature just with different defaults.

So how do you add the text?

You can either drag these onto your canvas, or you can drag them into a specific place on your timeline.

When you’re looking at these though trying to decide what you want, know that you’re just looking at the shapes. You can change the color, the opacity, the outline on of all of these. And even if you want to change the shape after you get started, just select it, and pick something else via the dropdown. Super easy.

Now to change the text to what you want, just double click on it. It’ll highlight and you can just type out your changes.

If that’s looking a little small, you can change the size of the shape by selecting it and dragging on the handles.

OK a weirdism to talk about.

If you make it smaller than the font size, the font will shrink proportionally to stick within the shape. If you make the shape bigger than the space for the font, the font will stop growing once it reaches the font size. So to make the font bigger, you have to hop over to your Callout properties and drag the bar to make it larger. Or you can select the size and type it in. If the new font size is larger than the shape, it will grow the shape automatically to fit the new size. It does not work the other way though. Going from big to small.

Making text larger in Camtasia shapes

Making text larger in Camtasia shapes

To change the font you’re working on first select the text you want to edit then on the right change the font, the style, the size, the horizontal and vertical alignment

I will say I’ve had trouble getting it to use non web friendly fonts, like my game of thrones font for example. But it will work just fine with Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman, etc. That could be a me thing so don’t take that to heart, but if you’re running into the same issue, know that web safe fonts seem to work consistently.

Adding a Lower Third Text Overlay (Intro Text)

Add a lower third text overlay using Camtasia

Camtasia’s included Lower Third Text Overlays

Now a bonus, let’s say you’re trying to add what’s called a “lower third” to your video. Text you would use to introduce yourself for example.

Camtasia comes with some fairly decent free templates.

To get to these:

  • go back to your Media tab
  • click on your library sub tab
  • go down to “Motion Graphics – Lower Thirds.”
Adding text in lower thirds in camtasia

Adding text via Lower Third graphic in Camtasia

Drag them onto your canvas or to the timeline, and double click to edit. Try out a bunch of different ones because they’re really not bad for freebies.


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