Trying to figure out colors for your branding?

While it is a process, it’s more straightforward than perhaps you originally thought.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re pulling together colors for business cards, colors for a website design, or just choosing the right colors for your brand in general – the process is the same.

Step1: Research

I show you how in the video, but you need to start with what’s already out there. Your competitors, your industry. Does the product or the industry you serve have a running theme that most people use? Start here – you can differentiate later.

What should your base color (1 color) be?

For example in the Healthcare industry, blue is the running theme color.

It’s widely used, people recognize blue as a healthcare industry color. BlueCross BlueShield, Kaiser Permanente, etc.

Step 2: Accent Colors

Here’s where you can get a little creative and start to stand out from the crowd.

Choose an accent color that isn’t widely used.

Step 3: Find what appeals to you

By now you’ve been able to find color palettes that incorporate your base color and your accent color.

Now choose a palette that uses these colors, but also appeals to you. Because you’re the base factor in all this.

You should choose colors based on your customer base, which you’ve already done, but choose the rest of the colors in your palette (for icons, alternate accent colors, etc.) based on your personal preference.

Because you have to live with it and the more comfortable you are living with it, the less likely you’ll want to change it. And that consistency is what brings stability to the marketplace as far as brand recognition.

So it’s important.

Table of Contents

00:29 – Getting Started with Color Palettes
01:00 – Colors by Gender 01:30 – Businesses Like Blue… a Lot
03:10 – Examples of Logos by Color
05:00 – Using Competitor Colors
06:00 – Figure Out Your Color Palette Systematically
07:05 – Finding Your Colors
07:39 – Your Personal Preference
09:35 – Building Your Palette
10:45 – Why Accent Colors Matter
11:19 – Design Seeds – and How to Use It
13:20 – Wrap Up – Steps to Designing Your Own Color Palette

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Take care and I’ll see you in the next one!


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