OK you made your website. Now what?

Generate traffic.


Now how do I do that? 🙂

It’s always exciting to get a new website up and running, but then the reality sets in after it’s live when clients realize that, “Oh, now I have to DO something to get the value out of it.”

And that’s exactly where people stall out.

What comes next? What should I do?

Most folks know what they should be doing. They hear it everywhere:

  • Post to your blog every week!
  • Setup sales funnels!
  • Add a shopping cart!
  • Make sure all your content is up to date!

Sound familiar?

I mean, they’re not wrong. You should.

But here’s the thing – there’s only one you.

You have a finite amount of time, and there’s usually a learning curve with each of these to boot.

Getting Your Website to Work for You

If your website is live and functional, that’s the only real hurdle.

It’s like getting the car and now just deciding where to drive it.

What makes any website amazing is the traffic that it generates. Traffic equates to revenue.

That revenue can be created in so many forms:

  • ads (don’t do this, there are better ways of making money)
  • ebooks
  • various sales funnels
  • discovery calls
  • book appointments

Generate the Traffic

I posted a quick slide show over on Instagram for (follow me on there for more tips like this), and the long and short of it is you need to post.

Post to your blog or other parts of your site, but grow the number of pages and value under your domain.

So post everything, and post often:

  • A brief summary of every YouTube video you make and embed the video
  • A brief summary of every Podcast you post with the show notes
  • Press releases or industry news
  • Webinar or event recaps with embedded video where available
  • And of course your regular weekly blog posts for content campaigns
Blog Post SEO Template

Do You Know How To Optimize Your Blog Posts?

Make it easy with an SEO Blog Post Template!

This mini-ebook and template will streamline your blog writing process:

  • Write keyword focused posts knowing exactly what keyword should go where
  • Design your content so you’ll get longer read times (which Google loves!)
  • And drive traffic to a product or service to help boost sales
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What a Blog Post Looks Like in 2020

Where people get it wrong with blog posts is believing that you need to have novels.

You don’t.

Google wants the most correct answer. And length as a factor may have been true once upon a time, but it’s not anymore.

I have one blog post that is at least 60% screen shots, and it generates over 3,000 sessions per month. Read it here:

I included the exact WordPress error text as a “longtail keyword” and because people spend time on the post, Google thinks it’s very relevant and serves it up to a bunch of people looking for that error.

Just Get The Post Live

Business growth comes from imperfection. You must put more content out to grow. To grow you have to post.

It’s that simple.

Post the half thought out ideas.

Do the videos from a cruddy webcam.

Repurpose content by repost Instagram/Facebook posts in a blog post.

Make a list of resources and post that.

Just post, post, and post consistently/constantly.

I have the world’s most eratic schedule right now between homeschooling my 7 year old during COVID, and running a business.

My posts go up at all hours, 7 days a week.

But they go live, and that makes all the difference.

Hit me up on or reply to this email if you have any questions!

Remember I’m always happy to help!

Take care,