Are your Photoshop toolbars missing?

Or maybe you’re just trying to figure out how to get your layers panel back? I go over several scenarios in this video on how to get the various Photoshop tools back on the screen including how to show layers in Photoshop.

For Photoshop missing tools you’re going to want to start with the easiest option – your tab key. Yes your tab key can bring your missing tools in Photoshop back. Chances are you bumped it on your keyboard and didn’t realize it takes all your tools off the screen. It’s actually a really great feature for when you’re just trying to see your artwork, but if you don’t know it’s there, and then suddenly you’re trying to figure out how to reset tools in Photoshop, and wondering where your Photoshop panels missing went to.

Now, if you’re looking for how to reset Photoshop tools, or how to reset Photoshop settings, you’re still in luck. Towards the end of the video I also go over how to reset your tools in Photoshop – they call it your “workspaces.” The great thing about workspaces is that you can save your presets, so even if you have to reinstall Photoshop or do a “factory reset of Photoshop,” you won’t lose your keywords, or workspace layouts.

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