How to hide, remove, stop a Flodesk email subscription window from popping up on specific pages

Getting the modal email subscription form from Flodesk to stop showing up on certain pages is easy, but does require adding the smallest (and I do mean the smallest) code snippet to your page.

I show how to do it in WordPress here, but the concept is the same.

Step 1: Find your code by:

  1. Navigating to (Affiliate link for 50% off your first year here)
  2. Log in
  3. Going to Forms
  4. Hovering over the form you’ve put in your site previously and clicking Edit
  5. Jumping over to “Embed” in the header strip
  6. And copying the code
  7. Paste the code into a blank notes app like Notepad or Word
  8. Copy your form’s ID #

Step 2: Build the code snippet that makes the modal window pop ups stop

Click here for the snippet

What you’ll do now is copy that formID line highlighted in the last image, and paste it where it says “YOURCODEHERE” in the code snippet linked above.

It should look like this, but with YOUR formID:

Step 3: Put the code snippet on the page you want to stop showing the email signup window from Flodesk

Now take that whole snippet of code, and place it in a code block on the page you’re trying to get to stop showing the Flodesk email signup window.

For me in WordPress, using the theme Avada, this looks like for me adding a “Code block” container, and dumping that code in there. Hitting save, and hitting Update.

And just like that no more email pop ups on my sales pages.

For you, it may look slightly different, if you’re on Square Space, Wix, or a different version of WordPress/theme. Don’t panic. Just find where you can add code.

This can look like “adding your own CSS” or “Advanced.” etc.

Mine looks like this:


If you do put it in a CSS container, take off the style tags. Those are already programmed in on CSS text boxes. But all other just generic code text boxes, you’ll need those tags to tell the browser what to do with that code snippet.

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  • Wendy

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