Pretty impressive increase in email subscribers, no?

It’s a testament to how:

  • paying attention to who is visiting your site
  • what pages they are visiting
  • getting rid of unnecessary clicks, and
  • a solid call to action (CTA)

can literally change everything overnight.

I crossed over 700 email subscribers sometime in the last 24 hours. 700.

Of the 700, I gained 122 of them in the last two weeks.

So what did I do to increase the number of email subscribers?

Honestly, I just made it too easy not to sign up.

It all starts with having a great blog post.

I had already put in the effort to create a great blog post, complete with a related embedded YouTube video.

I saw that my blog posts for creating a useful About Page were doing really well and getting decent traffic, but my CTA to get people to sign up for the free About Page Template (and get on my email list) didn’t match up.

Then you make it beyond easy to sign up.

Problem #1: I was sending them to a separate page to sign up for the template. I had a CTA at the bottom of my posts to have people click a button and go to a page to sign up.

Solution: I put the form to have folks sign up directly on the blog post. No clicking to another page.

Problem #2: It was a pretty CTA, but it wasn’t effective at capturing attention.

Solution: When I added the form I lost the associated photo, and put in a spinning icon above the form to draw attention. Nothing gaudy, just enough to make sure people definitely saw it.

Problem #3: It was just too far down the form. The video on the page was at the top, then text, then the CTA.

Solution: I made the video smaller, and added a sidebar to hold the new form. They were both above the fold at the top of the page.

Have any questions?

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