How to Make a Facebook Cover Photo Collage in Photoshop!

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Couple things to remember when you’re designing your Facebook Collage Cover Photo:

1 – Think small (file sizes). You have to get this image out-the-door under 100k to avoid the dreaded Facebook compression that will make your image look pixelated and just not the high quality you want to project as a professional

2 – Keep in mind that Facebook changes the way they display cover photos based on what device is accessing it. We’re talking mobile, tablet, or desktop. Which at the end of the day means you’re really designing for a middle ground.

3 – Different types of Facebook “pages” mean different cover photo rules. The safe areas are actually different for a profile cover photo versus a page cover photo, because even though they are the same size, they show profile photos and page avatar differently on mobile devices! For example, on a profile display, the cover photo is largely covered up by the profile photo – they plop it right in the middle bottom of your cover photo! But on a page the cover photo, the cover photo is actually 100% visible on both desktop and mobile. And this is lovely because it gives you way more flexibility with your text placement.

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