This tutorial is about how to remove a background in Photoshop – making it a transparent background (removing the white background behind an image).

Here I introduce two methods to do a quick cut, and another more involved version that keeps the hair wisps and fur.

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Two Methods for Removing White Backgrounds From Images in Photoshop

In this video I give you two methods for removing the background in Photoshop:

1 – Quick and easy mass select and cut or mask
2 – More in depth tutorial on selecting fine items such as hair or fur

Then we’ll talk about removing the white background in Photoshop using either the delete key or a mask.

Overall I would highly recommend removing the background in Photoshop using a mask over the delete key unless you are mass processing images and they won’t be reused later.

The main reason is if you ever come back to that image, or realize later on that you’ve made a mistake, if you used a mask your image data is always there.

If you delete it and close out, that extra image data is gone.

I also recommend putting a bright background behind the image that you’re trying to remove the background from within Photoshop.

The purpose is so that you can clearly see the hair wisps and any major errors.

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