Featured Images in Avada are clickable by default. This article will show you how to unlink the featured image so it behaves as a static picture at the top of your post.

They “link” to the full size version of themselves by popping open in what’s called a “lightbox.”

You can tell because it’s outlined in a box (green), and lists the name of the file top left, and sharing options top right:

Sample clickable featured image lightbox

But often, you don’t want the featured image to be anything more than a promotional image for your blog post.

Something to rope visitors in, not click on once they get there. So…

How do you turn off the links in Avada’s clickable feature images?

Step 1: First, navigate to the Options page in Avada by hovering over “Avada” in the left menu (from within your WordPress admin area). Then click on “Options.”

Avada Options

Step 2: On the Options page, run a search for “featured” – Note: You don’t have to click enter to initiate the search. It’ll run as soon as you stop typing.

Run a search for featured image only search for featured

Step 3: Scroll almost to the bottom of the page and under the “Lightbox” headline you’ll see “Lightbox For Featured Images On Single Post Pages” (note that nothing here says “Link” – which could be why you didn’t find it on your own before. They’re referencing the module that makes it open up in a mini window, not the functionality that makes it happen. Toggle this from “Off” to “On.” YOU’RE NOT DONE. Don’t bail on me yet. 😀

Lightbox on Single Post Pages

Avada Featured Image Links Lightbox on

Step 4: Most important – don’t forget to Save Changes. Easy step to miss but of course it’s what makes it all work.

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