This video is about what cold subscribers are, and how to remove cold subscribers on ConvertKit.

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Table of Contents

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:17 Are they really cold subscribers? Send them an email to find out
  • 01:01 Selecting Cold Subscribers 01:41 Exporting Cold Subscribers
  • 02:10 Deleting Cold Subscribers

How to delete cold subscribers in ConvertKit

To remove cold or inactive email subscribers on ConvertKit, first make sure they are really inactive/unresponsive.

1. Send out a broadcast (email) to these specific subscribers (not shown in the video, but create a broadcast, and set a filter on the Contacts screen by dropping down to “Cold Subscribers”).

Make the subject line super catchy, and then put a TON of links inside.

If they STILL don’t click on the email to open it, or click on any of your links, you know it wasn’t meant to be.

ConvertKit puts a definition of 90 days on Cold Subscribers.

90 days if they’ve ever clicked on your emails (i.e. when they came in through a freebie offer, opened that email… but then never opened another one), and 30 days if they never even opened that first freebie email.

2. Once you’ve given it a few days for them to open that email (especially if it’s a Friday/weekend), now’s the time to remove those cold subs.

From here you can follow the video to select your cold subs, export the list, then delete them once you’ve received that list.

You’ll see your open and click rates jump up to their true stats – because now the no shows have been removed.

This is how much people are participating with your content who want to hear from you. It’s a better number.

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