How to reopen a window in Windows 10 when you’ve over minimized it… and pushed it off the screen…

In Windows 10 there a ton of ways to maximize a window. Drag it to the top and “snap” it to the top border of your screen, click the maximize button, or double click the title bar of your window. But what do you do if you don’t have that option? In my case, SOMEHOW I had managed to over-minimize Adobe Dreamweaver AND push it off my right screen. The trouble is, Dreamweaver puts so many things in that top bar that when it’s minimized like this dragging it to the top screen isn’t an option – it just won’t work. I can’t grab that top bar. So how do I get my program back?! Come on Adobe I got work to do!

Turns out there is a hidden menu in Windows 10 that will give you back the min, max, etc. menu we all had in previous versions of Windows. You used to be able to right click on the icon in the task bar and select “Maximize” from the resulting menu, now that’s gone in favor of closing the app or selecting from previous documents. Now, you have to hold down shift and right click on the task bar icon and you’ll see the old menu and can select maximize from there.

Hang on sparky you’re not done yet. Now that you’ve got your app back to full size, you have to make a window change so it won’t minimize back to micro-sized. Click minimize from the top-right buttons, and it “should” pop it back to the center and not off screen again. Once there just drag the re-size lower-right corner of the window to anything reasonable so that’s the “last set” thing you have.

I’d like to thank Microsoft’s Knowledge-base, and the nearly last line on this page for restoring my sanity:

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