Are you at the end of life on your color cartridges, but your black cartridges still have some level of ink in them?

And yet even when you print a black and white document the text comes out with a pink hue?

Here’s how to trick your Canon MX922 printer into thinking it has black ink:

  • Replace the black skinny CMYK cartridge (251 BK XL) – even if it still has some ink in it.

That’s it. And yes, it’s doing the obvious. If it’s not printing black, but pink, replace the black ink cartridge.

The printer still says you have black ink left… but it isn’t printing using the black ink. Why doesn’t it just use up the black ink it has – Canon?

It doesn’t matter if you have ink left in the XL 250 skinny cartridge or the regular version.

Plus, the benefit here isn’t spending the $65 on a new full Canon PGI-250/CLI-251 5 Color Ink pack.

But you don’t need to spend the money for a full pack even if that’s what the printer is making you think with all it’s warnings.

Especially when, if you’re like me, you have about 3-5 of these single skinny black cartridges stashed in a desk drawer somewhere. Somehow they’re always the last ones to empty out, so every time I replace the CYMK colors, I only have to replace the K (black) one every other time.

Canon MX922 printing pinkWill it print color pages now?

No. If you print something with color ink it will still print with that pink hue, but now any black parts will be crisper.

To get your full colors back you also need to replace the Cyan, and the the pink images will go away.

But at least you have got your black and white back! 🙂

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