How to Turn Off Autoplay on Facebook

In this video on How to Turn Off Autoplay on Facebook, we’ll cover how to turn off the autoplay settings on Facebook from an Android cell phone, but the process is very similar across other devices. To remove the Facebook video auto play, to turn off autoplay videos completely, you need to go into your settings, down to media, and then you’ll have two choices.

To completely stop Facebook videos from playing automatically:

you’ll want to option for Autoplay. Once in there you can choose when you want the videos to play or turn it off altogether.

To stop videos from autoplaying with sound on Facebook:

If you want to stop the sound on Facebook videos from automatically playing, but don’t mind the video autoplaying, then go back a screen and head up to the very first option about sound. I leave mine off, but I also turned off the autoplaying videos on my Facebook stream because it was too distracting and mostly ads.

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