How to turn off Link Sharing on Android | Shown on a Samsung Galaxy S21

Link Sharing is a potentially great feature on Android to allow you to share massive files via text. However it doesn’t seem to always work so well.

And it’s not universal – if you turn it on for one person you’re texting, it won’t be on for another. So! How do you turn off the Link Sharing feature for that one user?

The way to turn it off is to go to the text message conversation where you have it turned on.

Now go like you’re going to add an image but DO NOT add it.

This is where I got caught up at first.

You have to be in the “I’m going to add a photo but not actually selected one yet” state.

Now – click on that cloud “link sharing” icon that says “on” at the bottom of your screen:

It will change to the “off” position:

Now you can send photos without being forced to use the Link Sharing option.

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