How to Write an About Me Page Without OverwhelmAre you trying to figure out how to write an About Me page?

Learning how to write an about me page isn’t rocket science, but there are specific steps you’re going to want to take. The first one is realizing how to get it to be received well by a visitor. If you’re trying to figure out how to write an about me page for a business, you’re going to want to start with your values and then move onto your story, and then end with a call to action. (Check the last video in this playlist for a free template on how to layout this type of about page!)

Working on how to create an about me page really starts with what do you do? What do you provide? Who do you do it for? Specifically. Identify them on the page. Part of designing a professional about me page starts with a strong about me page design. You have to simplify what you do so it becomes scannable content. Think your Facebook feed – brief stories you can flip through and still get the general idea of what’s going on. Then if they are so inclined the user can drill down onto a separate page that explains more about that individual concept (your process, your backstory, your blog, etc.).

If you are stuck on what this type of about me page is all about, check out the last video in this series for a professional about me template, or earlier videos in this playlist for about us examples.

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About Me Page Template
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