Learning how to zip a file, or how to zip a folder, is very easy in Windows 10 and higher. What you’re really doing is compressing files while at the same time nesting them together into one file. This makes uploading, emailing, and organizing files a really easy task.

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How to Zip a file – Step 1: Where do the files live?

Navigate to where the files you are zipping live. In my case, they’re in a folder called Temp Folder.

How to Zip a file – Step 2: Highlight the files you want to be in the zipped folder

Click and drag your mouse around the files you want to select, or hold down the control key and select files individually.

How to Zip a file – Step 3: Choose to compress the file

Right click on one of the files and a menu will appear.

At the bottom of this menu will be a “Send to” line.

Hover over this and a submenu will appear.

In this submenu you will see Compressed (zipped) folder.

Select this option.

How to Zip a file – Step 4: Rename your zip file

A new zip file will be created and it will be highlighted and ready to be renamed.

Just start typing in the new name for the zip file, and when you’re done you can click off the file or hit enter.

How to Zip a Folder

Zipping a folder is a very similar process to zipping files, but actually much faster because the files are already nested within the folder – you only have to choose one file.

How to Zip a Folder – Step 1: Choose the folder you wish to zip (compress)

Highlight the folder you want to compress.

How to Zip a Folder – Step 2: Compress the file

Right click on the folder to get the fly out menu.

Select “Send to”.

Select “Compressed (zipped) folder” from the submenu.

How to Zip a Folder – Step 3: Rename your folder

Once your file is compressed it will be ready to be renamed.

Start typing to enter the new name (as it will be highlighted). If you have clicked off of it already, double clicking the file name will enable you to rename it again.

You’re done!

Follow up Step: How to unzip a zip file

To view the contents of your folder, double click it to open it.

It won’t uncompress it (unzip it).

To unzip your zip file, click “Extract all” in the top right of the screen.

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