Join our free Facebook group of graphic designers and web developers! It’s a great place to preflight ideas by seasoned eyes, find answers to coding or WordPress issues, learn a thing or two, and of course network.

Our Weekly Lineup

  1. Networking Tuesdays: Where you can share who you are, what you do, and promote your website to others in the group!
  2. Big Fish Fridays: Where we critique massive websites and marketing campaigns and find ways they could improve their sites/artwork.


No set schedules for these gems!

  1. Design Blunders: Yep, we’ve all had ’em. And the best way to teach what bad design is to showcase it.
  2. Client Gripes: It’s not a total negativity-fest here. Let’s face it, we all learn from bad experiences and this is the perfect place to ask others what to do about creating clearer contracts and addressing communication issues.
  3. Favorite Apps: The web is an amazing place and it’s constantly coming out with new services that can make our lives easier, such as new wire-framing utilities or mobile imaging tools.
  4. Awesome Logos: Logos are the bane of our existence. They’re always fun to do at first, and slowly get harder and harder to complete. Here we ask the community to provide logo inspiration, whether it’s something they’ve done themselves or just something great they’ve come across.

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