As of today, June 1st, 2020, I’m sorry to report there is no Keywords Everywhere mobile version of the much beloved Keywords Everywhere browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Which is awful in my opinion. I really hope they come out with a mobile version soon because I use this tool constantly when I’m at my desktop. It would be amazing to be able to do on-call research when on the go – at a client’s office, in a meeting, commuting, or other countless spots where you get an idea right away and want to do some light on-the-spot research.

Alternatives to Keywords Everywhere for Mobile

Here are 3 alternatives to the missing Keywords Everywhere mobile app dilemma:

Tube Buddy Mobile App - Keywords Everywhere Mobile Alternative

Tube Buddy Mobile App – Keywords Everywhere Mobile Alternative

Tube Buddy

Directed more at YouTube research for folks with a YouTube channel, this app will help you with:

  • your video SEO
  • has a milestones screen that almost gamifies growing your channel
  • Tag Explorer helps you do the keyword research (in the hamburger menu)
    • Tells you the level of competition in generic terms (i.e. very low)
    • Rates the value of the keyword and gives you a score out of 100 (i.e. Fair 38)

I’ve had good success with TubeBuddy on YouTube, and could definitely see it’s value using this tool in the field. What is not clear is if the metrics are for YouTube or Google, or both. Since Google owns YouTube you would think the metrics must be darn close, but I couldn’t verify that.


  1. Entry level package is “Pro”: $9/month
Keywords Tool App - Keywords Everywhere Mobile Alternative

Keywords Tool App – Keywords Everywhere Mobile Alternative

Keyword Tool App by All Solution

Unlike TubeBuddy, this app is all about providing keyword info and only keyword info. Another paid app, it’s free version still allows you pull 3 keywords which can be enough for a quick answer.

  • It’s not a very pretty app, in that it is very much so the mobile version of their website scrunched into an app
  • It has a great feature for the 3 results it gives you, you can select them and then choose to copy them to your clipboard so you can email them to yourself
  • Without the paid version, you can’t see search volume or it’s trending value.
  • It is EXPENSIVE; I could see getting it if you’re knee deep in a product launch and need accurate info, but on a ongoing basis $89/mo can be hard for a new business to swallow.


  1. Entry level package is “Pro Basic”: $89/month
Keyword Research App - Keywords Everywhere Mobile Alternative

Keyword Research App – Keywords Everywhere Mobile Alternative

Keyword Research App Tool by Mikula Beautl

This could be one of my favorite finds because it’s perfect for brainstorming sessions. You can tell it’s a homemade app as there is zero fanfare in here. No ads, no frills, and very few features, but that’s also what makes it great.

  • You type in your keyword and hit start
  • You will get a list of related keywords
  • To export the list you have, just hit share and you can share according to the options on your phone
  • It has a “Random” feature, which I think just takes away from the app. The “random” isn’t just a remix of what you entered, it’s literally random text.
    • i.e. I typed in “keywords everywhere,” and it gave me a great list. Then when I hit random, it typed in “When is” and had a list of holidays in the keywords.
  • I also noticed when the keyword gets too long, it gives you an error message saying you didn’t type in a keyword at all.
    • i.e. “keywords everywhere” worked just fine, but “keywords everywhere mobile” did not


  1. No packages, just free.

Wrapping Up the Alternatives to a Keywords Everywhere Mobile App

So no dice on having a Keywords Everywhere Mobile App, but there are a few, and I mean a few, good alternatives. There really aren’t a lot available that aren’t part of a larger SEO app. It’s a shame because I think it would get a lot of use. Many professionals are in the field or commuting quite often, and having that immediate research access would be simply amazing.

Take care everyone!