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Super Simple Social Media Plan

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Show Notes/Outline

  • Intro
    • I think we’ve all been guilty of all plan and no (or little) action, and then being fake confused about why the guru’s advice didn’t work out – knowing full well we didn’t put our all in, or skipped steps.
    • We take the courses, read the books, do the things we’re supposed to do, and then get disappointed with our sad results.
    • Totally guilty here.
    • The thing is, the gurus are telling you what worked…. FOR THEM.
    • Sure the steps are right, they usually are. Most diets work great. It’s the implementation. Because the methodology of that implementation is coming from the lens of someone who got it to work for them, in that way.
    • Again – what they’re saying isn’t wrong. But.
      • They may have had more time to do it. Maybe both their kids are in school all day, so that 30 minutes a day they want you to devote to cleaning your house is “easy”
      • Maybe they had more financial resources. “Outsource the things you don’t want to do!” Well, yeah, that’s a great idea… if you both had the means to do it and knew how to manage your new contractors.
    • The trick is to make the task bend to YOUR will, not the outlined will of a guru. So let’s talk about how to make that happen.
  • The first thing is short but completely true – consider your actual free time, then halve that
    • We always think we have more time than we do
    • So when we plan things, we inevitably get frustrated
    • Stop thinking you have free time just because the planner says you do. It’s WRONG. Life’s gonna fill that space for you.
      • Inaction is going to fill that space for you.
      • Being in an awesome brainstorming session will eat up your extra time
      • Procrastination will happen – usually just because you either don’t know how to do something and don’t want to learn, or it’s not something you find entertaining or appealing.
    • I find I still have a busy weekend even when I barely book anything. You have less time than you think you do.
  • Imperfect is fine
    • We always hear “Do it scared” “Done is better than perfect”
    • But what does that look like?
    • So this comes from is that if you don’t put up anything, then nothing happens. Doesn’t matter that you spent 10 hours in the background working on something, if it never gets online, it will never sell, be read, help you increase web traffic, be seen on social media, increase awareness – you get the idea.
    • The truth is you could have a plain black and white website with simple text on it, and no pictures. And that would get better traffic than a site that took 2 years to make with all the awesome photos and painstakingly perfect design. Because it has a 2 year jump on that new site that has next to no content on it. Because in that 2 years you continually posted new blog posts, once a week, taking off for Summer and Winter Vacation, and now you have 100 blog posts and a heck of a lot of website traffic. On the world’s plainest site. Because you posted a minimally viable product.
  • True with products
    • The Word document turned PDF you posted to Etsy will sell more than the Word document you are trying to recreate in Canva because someone told you that’s what you should do to make a nice looking ebook, but you can’t seem to figure out some of the tools, then you try to export it only to find out Canva wants you to pay for some of the photos you used, then you finally get it exported but it’s not actually 8.5×11 so it won’t print right, so now you have to redo it…
    • Just start with the MVP, then IF and WHEN you have time, make the fancy version.
    • Really only start with the fancy version if you are confident tech or indecision isn’t going to be an enemy.
    • Then don’t be slow to post it. I’ve had stuff sit around because I thought I had to have a good description or it wouldn’t even be found online. There’s some truth to that, but no where near enough to prevent you from doing it.

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