Finding a Marketing Company in Fredericksburg, VA doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, marketing with a localized focus is actually a much easier process because you already have the following going for you:

    • Obvious localized keywords
    • A smaller niche market of very specific people
    • You can employ ultra specific marketing techniques due to the specific targeting
    • Lower advertising costs – because the target market is smaller, there’s less advertising wasted on people who aren’t your true target audience

Choosing the Right Marketing Company in Fredericksburg VA

There are a few companies in Fredericksburg to choose from – CreationDepot, Flair Communications, Childress Agency. So how do you decide? Honestly, and this is coming from a competing marketing company, by far the best answer to this question is to meet with every one of these companies and see who can deliver the best marketing plan for your product, promotion, or event. The beauty of marketing is there isn’t one specific way to accomplish the end goal. Getting more eyes on your product or service can be accomplished in a variety of different ways. So the common denominators that you can count on are the fixed aspects of your situation. These includes budget, time constraints, who your target market is, and the target audience’s time and financial constraints.

It may seem strange for a marketing company to suggest talking to other marketing agencies when choosing who to partner with, but the truth is if you talk to 3 different marketing companies you’re going to get 3 different answers. There may be some similarities across the proposals, but each company will likely envision a different course. And that variety is what’s key. You will know in your gut which one is the right choice, simply because you know your target customer better than any third party. You will know which method will resonate the best with your audience – and if you don’t, ask those companies to dig deeper. For example in CreationDepot’s case, I know that if we propose a first draft round of ideas and we’re off the mark, that simply means there are more questions to ask. Usually it means we need to talk to a different person at the company who may not be quite as removed from the clients that they serve, or better yet, arrange to speak to an actual customer. The data you can mine from those meetings is pure gold, and can spark so many new ideas.

Which Marketing Company in Fredericksburg, VA Should I Choose?

Let’s think back about those proposals. First and foremost, did you like them? Seriously. Did you like the person(s) you’re going to be working with? Did they listen when you speak, or did they talk over you? Are they someone you can envision being friends with? No, this isn’t a dating show, but achieving a personality match actually goes a long way to a strong working relationship with an individual or even an agency. It’s important!

Then there’s logistics. Did they listen to your budget constraints? Did they talk you off the ledge if your marketing dreams don’t match the budgetary realities? How about setting expectations? And do you think the method they want to use is actually the best way to reach your customers? For example, if your target customers are 60+ women, the best way to reach them may not be through technology. Getting in front of them at grocery stores, hair salons, and churches could be more productive. Digital advertising isn’t always the end-all-be-all solution to a marketing challenge. It’s about thinking what your customer does in their daily lives, and how to work your message into that schedule so they become familiar with you and then eventually make the purchase.

Breaking it Down

Understanding your target audience is Step 1 in any marketing agenda. Step 2 is then figuring out a creative way to reach them in an already saturated market. Finally, Step 3 is execution of the ideas. Whichever marketing company in Fredericksburg that you end up going with, just be sure there are ample testimonials to showcase the marketing company’s sticktoitiveness.

Really, the bottom line is you want to have multiple plans because that’s the only way you can make a promising decision. Hiring a company is never cheap, and yes money is a concern but more so you just don’t want to lose opportunity and time. At the end of the day a marketing company has to be able to act on their ideas.

CreationDepot: Marketing Company in Fredericksburg, VA

We would love to brainstorm with you on your next marketing project! Please reach out to Wendy Litteral over on Twitter (@creationdepot), or send us a message. Looking forward to talking with you soon!

Take care!

  • Wendy