It’s so hard to believe that we are celebrating our 1-year anniversary here in Fredericksburg, Virginia! Our family moved down to Fredericksburg after a year-long search trying to get the heck out of Northern Virginia. I grew up in Fairfax County, but the traffic, high prices, and general mentality can be a bit overwhelming. My husband and I were looking for a slower pace, and a family-friendly community to raise our two girls in – and boy did we ever find it in Fredericksburg. It has been absolutely wonderful living here. Fredericksburg has given us an amazing home, a fantastic community to be a part of, and is proving to be a great location for my web design and marketing business, CreationDepot.

Our first year here has been full of wonderful family experiences too. Christmas carriage rides, multiple visits to Braehead Farm, Easter-bunny visits, a father-daughter dance, Chatham Manor, St. Mary’s church, Ferry Farm, and even trying out the downtown breweries on those elusive date nights.

Fredericksburg is simply amazing. The scenic Rappahannock and the centuries of historic events make this both a beautiful, and creative, place to call home. And we are very familiar with living with history. We were located up in Aldie prior to making the big move. Aldie is just down the street from Bull Run National Park in Manassas. And while moving to Fredericksburg wasn’t easy, it has been beyond worth it. We were especially excited to see that the APA (American Poolplayers Association) has local branches! We’re slight pool addicts.

CreationDepot had been on a bit of a low-running “pause” for the last year. I was very pregnant for what seemed like a decade, and life is jumping back into the regular  swing of things now that our youngest is 6-months old. It’s time to get the business officially established with our new hometown and start seeking local clients. Until now nearly all of our clients have been located in D.C. and the surrounding metro area (Arlington, Alexandria, Reston, Dulles, etc.). Those clients include such awesome people as The Media Institute, Hard Light Consulting, Red Team Consulting, and Brownley Law Group (all links are to sites we’ve designed and launched). And perhaps my favorite part of working with these clients is that CreationDepot becomes a real part of these businesses. We become the design arm of their firms, and we are looking to establish this type of arm-in-arm close relationship with local Fredericksburg businesses.

One last thing before I sign off – So who is, “we”? Primarily, it’s me, the owner Wendy Litteral. I have been designing and coding websites since 1998 (we’re talking back when you could save a whole website to a floppy disk). And while I am the only one who lives in Fredericksburg, CreationDepot is actually a company of 4. We are spread out from Victoria, Canada (a Florida transplant), to D.C., and all the way to India. All telecommuting and killing it. We did fancy getting an office at one point, but the issue became, well, why? We have always, always gone to the client’s office out of convenience for them. Plus not having the overhead not only saves us money, it allows us to be more competitive on contracts. Maybe someday if we outgrow the home offices, but for the moment, smaller equals better, and it allows us to be more flexible with our families. We’re a pretty tight knit team, and our customers have been clients for many cases for 10 years or more.

Well that about does it! I’m looking forward to meeting you all! In the meantime let’s get connected over on YouTube and Twitter where you can view a little more about the company, myself, and a ton of tips on how to work your website to your advantage. We’ll talk soon!