HootSuite Certificate

Y’all I’m over the moon – and Hootsuite Platform Certified!

I hate taking tests, hate them. Today I sucked it up and took the first of two Hootsuite certifications and passed in less than 30 minutes on a 60 minute exam. And I didn’t rush either.

I will say Hootsuite needs to update somethings because after their more recent upgrades there are some items that are slightly out of date now, but it is still very much a worthwhile test.

What Does It Mean to Have a Hootsuite Platform Certification?

It means that I am considered fluent in Hootsuite’s features and software. This is extremely important because it means I know how to:

  • work Hootsuite’s scheduling across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.
  • advance social interaction between clients and staff
  • use Hootsuite as part of a team
  • use it as a team leader
  • search out geo-location specific trends and target users for the best marketing campaigns
  • schedule out a lifetime (okay almost) worth of social media posts

What is Hootsuite again?

Hootsuite is a tool that allows a user to schedule out social media posts, engage with several social media platforms at once, and monitor the streams to figure out what your next marketing move should be. It’s a pretty handy tool and worth the annual price.

If you have any questions for me, reach out and let’s talk all things Hootsuite!!

Take care!