DIY Website Warriors Membership


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Product Description

Ask a question anytime to this exclusive Facebook Membership group, and get a personalized answer via:

  • Loom (video screen share)
  • marked up screen shot
  • direct voicemail answer
  • Facebook live answer
  • Recorded Zoom answer
  • or if it really is simple and is a matter of a couple of words, a text answer

shared to the group and your specific post.

Visual aids are essential in fixing tech issues when you don’t know what to look for, so all our answers come with some kind of added aid, unless it truly is the the absolute simplest of simple of answers.

Why Beta?

Right now as we launch this group, we’re offering the group for only $7/month while in Beta. Once we pop out of Beta, we plan to sell it for $37/month once we have our core content installed.

The core content will include:

  • 4 videos on setting up your WordPress website from the ground up
  • 4 videos on key design strategies that will guide your users – and why they work
  • 4 videos on SEO tactics

These will be installed via the group “Units” functionality.

Get in Early

Getting in early means you get grandfathered in via the low $7/month price forever. Your price never changes. Ever.

You’ll also get to give us feedback on what your needs are as you build and maintain your website, so we’ll be custom tailoring content to your needs, and not the needs of a massive amount of people. Think of it as custom content because you got in early.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have questions, reach out via Instagram @wendy_litteral and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Take care!

  • Wendy