Super Simple Social Media Content Planner


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Product Description

OK, let’s simplify things, shall we?

As a working mom with a full time job, I was hopping on the social media bandwagon… and then falling right back off. Repeatedly.

Social media is SO time consuming, and easily the most frustrating and rabbit hole inducing task in my business.

This planner will show you what to post, when to post it, how to schedule it, how to free yourself from having to post, and how to grow with it. All with a minimal time investment.

  • Post types such as:
    • Quotes/Inspirations (and where to get them)
    • Time to Sell (and how to do it)
    • Industry tips (and where to get them)
    • Entertain (and how to do it simply)
  • Caption prompts
  • Recommendations of where to schedule all this stuff
  • And the best part – how to rinse and repeat so you’re never stuck coming up with content just so you can show up consistently

This is not the best conversion-based strategy out there.

But, it IS the one that actually gets the work done.

And THAT is what makes it the best option.