The Actually Comfortable Gaming Chair – Even for short people | Razer Iskur Fabric Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support

OK here’s the deal folks, you need a chair that’s comfortable.

You need a chair that’s not over the top expensive, but you could part with some cash for something that won’t hurt your back.

You want a chair that looks cool.

And you MAY be short, and finding chairs for anyone under 5’6″ is a bit of a pain the butt.

I think I have your answer – read on.

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair is Most Definitely Worth the Price


Razer really outdid themselves with this chair. The main things that make this chair worth the near $500 price tag are:

  • The ergonomic lumbar support is so well done – we’re talking instant support
    • This is significant because lumbar pillows and other lumbar supports I’ve tried all shift around on you. This is built in and is phenomenal.
  • The arm rests move 4 ways. 4.
    • Taller
    • Change the angle to match how you type
    • Move them forwards/backwards
    • Move them in and out

This is recommended for use as a gaming chair, but I use this as my 9-5 chair and it’s so worth it. That lumbar support is just – chef’s kiss.

And this recommendation comes from someone who bought the chair with her own money.

There are affiliate links to the chair throughout this article because… funding, but yours truly did the unthinkable and got off her wallet and finally bought a decent gaming/office chair combo.

This was a long time coming. I put up with several cheaper options over the years and I can honestly say I wish I had done this sooner.

A Gaming Chair for a Short Person | Gaming Chair for Women

My biggest pet peeve looking for a new gaming chair has been that they all seem to be made for average sized men.

Makes sense. That’s their main market. That’s who they are making chairs for, but it’s been frustrating.

Chairs for women are neon pink (which, fine), but not usually smaller or adjusted for a woman’s body.

And even this chair isn’t recommended for my 5’3″ frame, but it fits it perfectly.

Here’s why:

  • The bucket seat sides that normally hug the thighs of a guy come up on either side of my legs. So instead of giving that snug feeling of support, they hold you in from the sides while I sit right in the middle.
  • The 4D armrests allow me to move them all the way in laterally, and I can adjust the height to just under or over my desk’s height. This way the armrests aren’t banging into the table – this is actually the reason my last chair did not have armrests. I don’t angle them, and prefer them straight and positioned all the way back.
  • That lumbar support. It’s pretty great. How you set it is sit in the chair as you would normally, so it’s comfortable. Then you pop the lever on the side and it comes out to meet YOU, where you are naturally sitting. That’s why it’s so good. I’ve found a lot of lumbar support pillows take up too much of the chair and shift all around. This is customized support, and I think that’s why there’s no adjustment period with it.

Basically I set all the configurable settings to their baseline. I’m short and I made the chair fit me and my 5’3″ ness.

I’ve had this Razer Iskur gaming chair now for nearing a month with daily near-all-day use, and seat is still super comfortable to me. I don’t ever feel the need to shift around. The foam seat is just like the comments say – firm, but supportive.

It’s not cushy, but it’s not a rock either.


The chair’s dimensions are 26.2″ deep x 29.35″ wide x 55.1″ high (tall).

It’s recommended for someone who is 5’6″ to 6’2″ (170-190cm), and up to 300 lbs (136kg).

It also weighs a whopping 66.8 pounds.

That sucks putting it together, at least coming from a smaller human being, but honestly the weight is super helpful for comfort when you use it. It’s worth suffering with the big heavy box it comes in, because once it’s on wheels it’s very easy to move around and adjust as needed and the weight helps the chair feel more stable and secure.


OK, let’s talk about the color choices here. So I chose the “Dark Gray Fabric” color option because I just didn’t want neon green in my office.

But also because it was the only fabric option.

Their other two choices – Black and Black/Green – were both synthetic leather, which can get hot and crack over time. The gray is the only fabric option.

This shade of darker (but not super dark) gray fits nicely in my office.

And I actually really prefer that’s gray and not black.

A gaming chair is a pretty big piece of equipment, and if you have lighter décor (i.e. white shelving or a lighter toned desk), you want something that’s appealing.

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