• Don’t Make Me Think
    • This is a GREAT book about helping your user get to the end goal – be it buying your product or service, finding important information, or taking a next step. It puts it all in layman terms too and is a super quick read.


Office Supplies

GREAT for drive up help with things like toner, paper, etc. Stuff you can’t wait on Amazon for.

  • Walmart
  • Target (Drive Up option is only available in the app, HOWEVER, you can order online and then call them and ask them to bring out your order)


Video Conferencing

Video/Podcast Creation

  • Epidemic Sound
    Full songs and sound effects that won’t flag the copyright status on YouTube uploads and add a lot of spice to podcasts. Really not bad at $15/mo
  • Deposit Photos
    My go to stock photo library


  • GreenGeeks Hosting
    Super cheap but super reliable hosting for your website. They also have WordPress hosting packages where you can pay them to setup everything and you just login and go!


Video Courses and Mentorship Memberships

  • Bits of Bri
    Monthly membership is very cheap, but it’s also geared towards newbies. I outgrew this membership pretty fast, but I’ve also been doing YouTube for over a year now. She also has a full YouTube course which I haven’t tried, but I do like her teaching style from the membership.
  • Jessica Stansberry
    She no longer has her membership group, but her YouTube Rockstars course is very good. Plus she updated it recently.

Please note: Some of these links are affiliate links, but they are all products or services I use and more importantly I recommend.