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Looking to have your work evaluated? Here are the steps:

  1. Check the requirements
  2. Read the disclosure
  3. Send us your files

Want a quicker response? Check out our community group at “Better Designs.”


  • Attached files cannot be bigger than 5 MB by e-mail but feel free to Dropbox us your files!
  • Website evaluations – we can only do one page so send the link for the specific page you want evaluated


Just because you sent the files doesn’t mean we’ll be able to evaluate them and/or return an answer to you in a timely way. We will definitely try, but there are many factors like holidays, weekends, sick days, or volume, etc. that can keep us from turning these guys around quickly. If you’d like a more crowd-sourced response, please check out our Facebook group #betterdesigns.

Also please remember these evaluations are free. We’re not responsible for anything that happens based on our advice. We’re sorry if your client doesn’t like the route we went, but please be assured we make our suggestions based on years of experience. But in the end that’s what these evaluations are, suggestions. While there’s logic behind what we say, as with anything your art must be tailored for both the target audience AND your client.  We’re not responsible if you don’t get praised or paid. Only you can be the ultimate judge of what needs to be done.

Send Us Your Files

We can open nearly every standard format (PDF, JPEG, PNG, EPS, AI, PSD, etc.) and of course links for website evaluations, but as mentioned in the requirements section if your file is over 5 MB please send a download link instead. Services like DropBox or Google Drive are great examples. (Note: Affiliate links on Dropbox – heck yes we want more file space by giving out referrals!) If you are sending Illustrator files, please outline your text or send a PDF instead so we’re not going back and forth about font issues.

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Looking forward to it!