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Easy Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Blog Post Template

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Learn how to optimize your blog posts with simple, clear, step-by-step instructions.

  1. Find Your Main Keyword Phrase
  2. Find 3-4 Related Keyword Phrases
  3. Establish Your Meta Information
  1. Write it up knowing what goes where
  2. Break it up and Link It Up
  3. Most important – give a Call to Action

Comes as a PDF & a Google Doc

Why? Well, two reasons:

Since the Google Doc is regularly updated, you’ll always have access to the latest version.

Having an online version allows you to keep one browser tab open with your template, and another tab with your blog post.

This way your trusty template is always right there when you need it.

Google Doc Format SEO Blog Post Template

Resources List Included

Find vetted additional information, tools, or WordPress add-ons that will drive you just a little bit closer to your goals.

SEO Resource List

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