example of a cluttered website

Example of a Cluttered Website

Here are my Top 5 Small Business Web Design Mistakes

My main customers are mom and pop shops, and the small businesses web design mistakes they make are all super common. Usually they happen because the client just doesn’t know, but I want to go over it here to help you all avoid the Top 5 small business web design mistakes I see on self-made websites.

OK my DIYers! Here are the top 5 most common mistakes I see on small business website designs:

  1. Cramming way too much onto one page (Scrolling is OK; remember, Google doesn’t always go to the homepage of a site – it’s OK to subdivide because technically every page is a homepage in Google’s eyes)
  2. Overuse of stock photography (the latest trend, that makes complete sense, is to go real photos over stock photos – this goes for video too!)
  3. Using images instead of text (Use Google Fonts if you want to use a very fancy or flourished font. Do not “burn” in your text to an image and use that image. It messes your site up on so many levels from being responsive to mobile, SEO, to readability and accessibility for the visually impaired – just don’t do it.
  4. 404 errors or broken forms (i.e. social media links that aren’t hooked up)
  5. Featuring content that is no longer relevant or is incomplete. (i.e. Team pages with former employees on it, blog posts that reflect your company direction from 6 years ago…)

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