How I Registered My Web Design and Marketing Business with Stafford County/Fredericksburg VA

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Registering my web design business with Stafford County was at once more complicated than I would have thought, and easier than I would have thought. This is my experience of what I had to do to register/license (though they don’t do licenses) with the county for my Fredericksburg-based business. What I Had to Do First things first – I had to do all of it in person. I know! I was all over Stafford’s website, on the phone, and even had some email back and forth with their very lovely representatives (I mean that sincerely! They were extremely kind and helpful!), but at the end of the day they want a person to come down there and take care of setting up a business in Stafford County in-person. The part that I hated, was I had to do it during the work day. There are no weekend hours or even after hours when it comes to registering your business. The lady I first spoke with said she envisioned it taking an hour, well, it was closer to 2, but that’s still not bad for all I had to do! And – it was a lot. I was moving most of [...]